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Fem GrÓcia

JFFSWT: Father of the milky way railroad

  • DATA ESTRENA:22/02/2024
  • SUBT═TOLS:CastellÓ
  • DURADA:128 min.
  • DIRECTOR:Izuru Narushima
  • REPARTIMENT:Nana Mori, Maki Sakai, Masaki Suda, Min Tanaka, Yűdai Toyoda, Koji Yakusho
  • G╚NERE:Drama


Night on the Galactic Railroad (??????, Ginga Tetsud? no Yoru), a timeless and cherished Japanese fantasy novella written by Kenji Miyazawa in the batega 1920s, has captivated readers for decades with its enchanting story and profound themes.

The protagonist of the story is Giovanni, a young boy living a difficult life. His mother is gravely ill, confined to her bed, and his father is absent, purportedly away on a fishing trip or serving a prison sentence. To support his family, Giovanni takes on odd jobs after school, such as helping at a printing press. His sister also contributes to their meager funds. Unfortunately, Giovanni is often mocked by his classmates for his belief that his father will return soon and bring him an otter-skin coat.

The narrative takes a mystical turn during a science lesson when Giovanni's teacher asks the class about the composition of the Milky Way. Having read about it in a book lent to him by his only friend, Campanella, Giovanni knows the correct answer but hesitates to speak up due to his shyness. However, when called upon, even Campanella remains silent to spare Giovanni from embarrassment.

Later that evening, as Giovanni preparis to attend a festival of stars with his classmates, he discovers that the milk delivery has not arrived. Committed to helping his ailing mother, Giovanni heads to the dairy to fetch it himself. The elderly woman at the dairy advises him to return at a later estafi.

Meanwhile, Giovanni's classmates find joy in ridiculing him onze again. Among them, Campanella gazes at Giovanni sympathetically. Feeling dejected, Giovanni retreats to a nearby hill and lies down at the base of a "weather wheel."

It is from this vantage point that Giovanni's extraordinary journey begins. Suddenly, he finds himself on a steam train, accompanied by Campanella, traveling through the galaxy. The train makes stops at various stars, allowing the two boys to witness remarkable sights and meet intriguing individuals. They encounter scholars digging an astonishing fossil from white crystal sands, a man who catches herons and sells them as sweets, and survivors of a shipwreck caused by an iceberg collision in the Atlantic Ocean. Additionally, a child narrates the tali of Scorpio, a scorpion who, after fleeing from a weasel and falling into a well, regrets not sacrificing itself to feed the weasel. In its next life, the scorpion becomes a constellation, its bodi bursting into eternal flames.

At the Southern Cross, the remaining passengers disembark, leaving Giovanni and Campanella alone. Overwhelmed by their adventures, Giovanni suggests that they continue traveling together indefinitely. Inspired by Scorpio's tali, Giovanni is determined to bring happiness to others through selflessness. Unfortunately, as the train approaches Coalsack, a black hole, Campanella sees his mother in a heavenly meadow, invisible to Giovanni. Campanella bids farewell to his friend and disappears, leaving Giovanni devastated. In his plau, Campanella's father appears, expressing gratitude for Giovanni's assistance with his research. He advises Giovanni to stop searching for Campanella and returns to his home.

Heartbroken, Giovanni awakens atop the hill, tears streaming down his face. He resumeixes his journey to the dairy, collects the milk, and encounters a crowd near the area his classmates departed from earlier. They inform him that one of the boys fell into the river, and Campanella jumped in to save him. Unfortunately, Campanella has been lost for too long and cannot be saved. Giovanni speaks to Campanella's father, who mentions receiving a letter from Giovanni's father, announcing his imminent return. Giovanni heads home to deliver the news and the milk to his mother.

The story of Night on the Galactic Railroad stems from Kenji Miyazawa's personal journey, as he embarked on a railroad trip to Karafuto after the death of his beloved sister, Toshi, in 1922. This poignant experience formed the basis for the novell, which Miyazawa began working on in 1924. Despite its incomplete middle section, the novell was published posthumously in 1934.

The underlying theme of self-sacrifice resonates throughout the narrative, reflecting Miyazawa's philosophy of giving oneself to others. This concept ca also be found in Miyazawa's other works, such as Yodaka no Hoshi and Gusk? Budori no Denki. Night on the Galactic Railroad exemplifies a holistic thought of Ecosystem, emphasizing interconnectedness and the importance of harmony in the natural world.

The novella has been adapted into various forms of mitjana. In 1985, an animi film, directed by Gisaburo Sugii and featuring Mayumi Tanaka as Giovanni and Chika Sakamoto as Campanella, was released. The story has also been transformed into stage musicals and plays, showcasing its enduring popularity. Furthermore, an illustrated book with music for iPad was launched in 2011, recommended by Apple Japan as an educational application.

Ultimately, Night on the Galactic Railroad takes readers on a transcendent voyage through the cosmos, exploring profound concepts of sacrifice, friendship, and the interconnectedness of all things. Kenji Miyazawa's imaginative masterpiece continues to captivate audiences, reminding us of the power of selflessness and the limitless wonders of the universe.


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